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Last week, after the publication of my essay on my gay son and his dream  of being a good father, I received an outpouring of support for both me and for him. Theresa from New Jersey wrote, “the tide is changing.” Given the response I received, I think she is right.

One of the best gifts of all was from Dr. Sayer, an adolescent psychologist. She gave me a Liebster Award. No, I’d never heard of it. Before she’d received it, she hadn’t either. Here is what she wrote upon being awarded by Amy of Mom on Purpose:

To accept the Liebster, I have to do 3 things. First, I have to answer 5 questions posed by Amy. Then, I have to nominate 5 blogs I really like for the award, and those 5 blogs should have under 200 followers. Finally, I have to pose 5 questions for my nominees to answer.

With these instructions in hand, I was ready to accept my award. And then I realized, I wasn’t. I needed time to think about the questions Dr. Sayer had posed, time to sit and contemplate and breathe a little as well. Not because the questions were so challenging, but rather because as I rush through life, I often forget to stop and ask myself the question of why. Here is what she asked and here, finally, are my answers.

1. Assuming you are a reader as well as a writer, name two of your favorite protagonists, one male and one female.

Two? So limiting. Dr. Sayer, You answered Atticus Finch. Would that we were all made from his cloth. I have recently fallen in love with the protagonist from Anne Enright’s haunting novel, The Gathering. The protagonist, Veronika Hegarty, is sad and angry and confused and loving and passionate and committed to speaking her truth. She is so very human. She may not be my favorite of all time, but she reminds me that the human condition is humbling and inspiring in equal measures.

2. What has been the (or one of the) most rewarding experience related to writing your blog?

As a writer, there can not be a greater gift than to know your words have touched someone. When readers comment, like, repost, share, they are validating the importance of our words, those the thinnest of spider webs that nurture human connection.

3. What is your favorite post in your own blog (or post that makes you proudest)?

You are asking me to chose amongst my children? Impossible!

4. What are some things you do besides blogging?

I write essays, feature articles, and columns for assorted media outlets. But that isn’t at the heart of it. I am mother and a wife and daughter and sister and friend and community member and human. These are things that fill my life, the words are how I make sense of it.

5. If you had to give an acceptance speech for the Liebster award in front of a live audience, who would you thank and what would you wear?

I would, of course, thank you, Dr. Sayer, for nominating me and allowing me to share the love. My husband, children, and friends would not go without acknowledgement. Perhaps God, although I remain unclear of her existence. As for what I would wear? I can’t help but laugh at that old story about imagining your audience in their underwear and now I am imagining myself in mine, as ratty and in need of replacement as it is. Don’t worry Mom, you can be assured I would wear some. Above that? Probably some lipstick and whatever struck my fancy as I was racing out the door because as my family can tell you, I am always late.

Now, for the good part. I am thrilled to nominate the following writers, thinkers, creators, be-ers:

Impossible Things for delighting in the impossible and sharing her wonder.

Thoughtful Pop because we need more fathers like him.

Everyday Epistle because we come from such different places and still manage to find common ground.

A Dose of Dharma because her daily prompts remind me to ask the important questions, even if it is simply to ask why is my desk always so darn messy.

Motherhood and Words because mothering is what brought me to first use my words and she reminds me of how important they are.

My questions for each of you?

1) That perfect place. Describe it in all its glory and you in it.

2) Share, if you will, that one regret because we all have at least one if we are honest with ourselves.

3) Share a poem that inspires you and tell us why.

4) What one thing are you especially proud that you did last year?

5) We all have hero, who is yours?

Now, each of you has been nominated. Please take the time and share the  Blog Love.

Share the Blog Love (source unknown)

Share the Blog Love (source unknown)

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